Hosted by Brookhaven National Laboratory
October 5 - 11
New York, NY
17th Biennial International Conference on Accelerator
and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems



The date, type, place and time of the posters and oral presentations can be identified from the programme code.

Using the format DDTPP## (Day, Type|Time, Place, ##) (e.g. MOAPP01, WEPHA001)

  • First two letters (DD) indicates the day of the week

    MO, TU, WE, TH, FR

  • The third character (T) can indicate the Time of the day for the Oral presentations or the Type for the other kind of contributions.

    • Type:
      • O: Opening Session
      • K: Keynote Session
      • M: Mini-Oral with poster
      • S: Speakers’ Corner with poster
      • P: Poster
      • X: Workshop Summary
      • Z: Closing Session
    • Time for Orals:
      • A: Before morning coffee
      • B: After morning coffee
      • C: Before afternoon coffee
      • D: After afternoon coffee

  • The fourth and the fifth characters (PP) indicates the place where the session will be held:

    • PP: Plenary
    • PL: Plenary Left
    • PR: Plenary Right
    • BE: Ballroom E
    • BF: Ballroom F
    • BG: Ballroom G
    • BH: Ballroom H
    • BI: Ballroom I
    • DU: Dumbo
    • GP: Greenpoint
    • NY: Navy Yard
    • HA: Hall (Poster Area)
    • H1,H2,H3,H4: Speakers' Corner locations
  • Finally, the sequence number within the session (##).